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Generation Xcellence

Generation Xcellence is a ministry with a mandate to raise up and prepare the youth of River of Life Kingdom Ministries to be the men and women of excellence that God has called them to be, and to propel them into the destinies and purpose that God has ordained for them through teaching the principles of the Word of God at a level at which they can understand.  The children enjoy interactive lessons and exciting activities during each class. River of Life also sponsors several recreational activities for the students of GenX and their families each year. These include fishing trips, sporting events, trips to local theme parks, pizza parties, skating outings, etc. In addition, each year the students of GenX find a charitable donation to give to and organize a drive to collect the products and/or services to be a blessing to a local charity.


River of Life Kingdom Ministries’ School of L.A.W. --Life Application of the Word

L.A.W. is a series of classes that serve the needs of adults in the River of Life Kingdom Ministries and the community.  L.A.W. will consists of 12 (or more) classes. During these classes, there are several categories addressed: Finances, Education, Career, Time Management, and Relationships. L.A.W. will provide an in-depth understanding of how to:

  • Enhance the quality of your natural life using Biblical principles,
  • Operate excellently in the world’s system without compromising your Christian beliefs,
  • And manifest the Glory of God by producing fruitful results through the application of the Word.


The House of Esther—“A Spiritual Spa Ministering to the Body

The House of Esther is River of Life's women's ministry. We seek to restore women to the place that God has called them to in every area of their lives. We minister to women of all ages who are members if River of Life as well as those in the community.  We partner with local shelters and agencies to work with recovering addicts, single mothers, divorced and widowed women in order to inspire hope and positive change in their lives. We encourage women to take control of their personal health (emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual, social and vocational) through the Word of God. We also take a peer-to-peer approach to recovery through mentorship and on going seminars that support holistic wellness strategies.


Brother 2 Brother

The Men's Ministry of River of Life Kingdom Ministries, "Brother 2 Brother", is dedicated to building up the total man; spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally.  God is calling for men of integrity, character, and valor to represent Him and His Kingdom here in the earth. River of Life Kingdom Ministries is building and supporting mighty men- men of destiny who love the Lord with their whole hearts and who thrive on and in His Word!

We believe according to the Word of God that men have been set by God as the heads and priests of their households, and are therefore accountable as the providers and protectors of their families. We also mentor young men whose ages range from 7-18 years old. We believe that this is a critical age group where young men are their most immature yet they’re making major decisions which will ultimately affect the rest of their lives. Brother 2 Brother seeks to help students make positive practical decisions during this time in their lives which will lead to success in the future.


Divine Health– Health and Wellness Education

The Ministry annually offers free courses and/or seminars to the local community with a concentration on preventative health, health maintenance and wellness, and proper hygiene.  The focus is on topics such as but not limited to: performing proper breast self-exams, prostate exams, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, smoking cessation, emotional health, nutrition, exercise and fitness. Established collaborative relationships with the National Medical Association, Student National Medical Association and Student National Dental Association allows us to enlist and utilize practicing physicians, medical students and dental students to lead small group classes and information sessions.

We also conduct an annual free health fair staffed by the members of the Ministry (which include several registered nurses, a dental hygienist, a physician and other health care professionals). This will provide the surrounding community access to various resources regarding health and wellness, as well as provide some basic services (i.e. diabetes and hypertension screenings, dental hygiene screenings, fitness counseling, etc.). We also solicit donations for pamphlets and other health education material from relevant organizations to distribute to the community. “Divine Health will also offer CPR and First Aid certification to the community at a reasonable cost.


The Helping Hearts –The Ministry of Helps

The Helping Hearts is one of the numerous ministerial arms of River of Life Kingdom Ministries.  The ministry of helps is God appointed and ordained for the local church, and its sole purpose is to render practical aid and support through various demonstrations of love in action. (1 Corinthians 12:28).  As God intended, this ministry also acts as a support to our pastor and the ministerial staff by taking on some of the practical responsibilities involved in ministry. (Numbers 11:13).  The Helping Hearts assists in, but is not limited to, the following: Greeting of members and visitors before and after worship services, Communion preparation, Preparing and sending gifts of love to individuals that are bereaved or fighting sickness, Preparing and delivering gifts of love to members celebrating special occasions (i.e. Birthdays, Graduations, Anniversaries, etc.), Handling of set-up and refreshments during ministry events,  and Serving the needs of the pastor and members during worship services.


The Daniel House

The Ministry will partner with local elementary schools to improve reading scores on the Illinois Standard Achievement Test (ISAT) through a tutor/mentor program. Our research has shown that although the local schools have made great improvements in increasing reading scores for 3rd and 4th graders, there remain many opportunities to continue the trend of improvement. We have identified several elementary schools in the area that may benefit from an after school or weekend tutor/mentoring program.  Based on the published ISAT data acquired through the State of Illinois, it is evident that Reading and Math scores, although rising, continue to remain well below the state and national averages. The program will focus on those students reading below grade level and in partnership with the school, will provide activities that support the school's curriculum in a smaller classroom setting. Tutors will spend time teaching the students valid methods demonstrated to improve standardized test scores. Each tutor/mentor will be required to complete a background check and training sessions.


Literacy for Life

Literacy for Life, a component of "The Daniel House", will be an extensive supplemental educational support program for elementary and high school students living in the south suburbs. This program will primarily target students who are struggling in the areas of reading, writing, math, and science. Support for additional subject areas will be provided on a case by case basis and will depend on the expertise of the staff. The staff of Literacy for Life will consist of Illinois certified teachers and other professionals holding baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate degrees. River of Life Tutoring will also utilize college students seeking volunteer hours for their educational requirements and/or those pursuing degrees in the field of education.  All staff members must adhere to a thorough criminal background check and training.

Alliances will be created with various schools in the local community, which will allow Literacy for Lifeto target and support students from all economic backgrounds.

Literacy for Life will also prepare high school students to excel on the ACT and/or SAT. As a part of this particular service, we will assist these same students and their families with successfully completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at no additional fee. GED assistance will also be offered to individuals in the community who are seeking to improve their standard of living. Thus, Literacy for Life will operate as a key component to fulfilling an objective of River of Life Kingdom Ministries, which is to improve literacy through serving the people of our community.


Closing the Gap - Financial Literacy Program

As the wealth gap widens in America (when looking across gender & race), many Americans are more focused on spending today rather than on saving for tomorrow. With the economy slowing, we are witnessing mass layoffs and increases in home foreclosures on a daily basis. To maintain our financial strength, we need to understand how to preserve and grow our wealth for the future. “Closing the Gap courses will teach timeless financial doctrine which will help those in our community weather the storm. Course topics may include: Budgeting Tools: The Tortoise vs. The Hare (personal investing), Financial Planning, Wealth Creation, Financial Discipline, Generational Wealth, Retirement Planning, Debt Elimination, Trust & Estate Planning, and Real Estate Investment Strategies. Course presenters are financial professionals in the wealth management industry including certified financial planners.

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