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We are a Spirit-filled, Spirit-led ministry that has been mandated to teach the infallible, unequivocal Word of God with clarity and in a way that empowers you to live a successful, peaceful, and victorious life. We are a diverse community of believers who are fervent in our praise and unashamedly worshippers. You've been directed to this site by divine providence and purpose. We are confident that you will experience the love, presence and power of Jesus as you flow with us at The River. So come on in, the water's great!

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2019 King Makers Leadership Summit

Apostle Barbara Alexander

Dr. Jermone Glenn

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Our Mission:

To glorify God as we serve, aid, educate and motivate adults and children in ways that strengthen and preserve families, promote personal responsibility, and foster independence. The Ministry teaches life application of the Gospel through regularly scheduled services on Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings.

The Ministry's objectives are to, through the teaching and application of the principles of the Word of God:

  • Develop Leaders
  • Promote Literacy
  • Empower Communities
  • Transform Economic Condition
  • Improve Life, Health & Safety For Local Citizens


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God gave us a model- as a Father He sent His Son. We have to reproduce sons. Our Lord is the King of kings. As Kings in His Kingdom, we have to become KingMakers. God procreated and generated you by the seed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, which is the gospel of the Kingdom. In the natural, sons of kings are prepared to reign from the time that they are born(again). Kingdom is not gender specific or selective. In Christ there is neither, Jew nor Greek, male nor female. We have to reproduce kings- not queens, princesses or princes or anything in between. All of these are merely monarchs in the making who will never matriculate to their rightful position of a King if they don’t know what they’ve been born into, empowered to be & called to do.

Paul 1 Corinthians 4:15


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Sundays at 10:30am and
Thursdays at 7pm


16842 Park Avenue. 60429
Hazel Crest, IL

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Fun and casual for
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