Pastor Barbara Alexander

Progression always denotes transition or change and a change for the better. Progression always means increase. Remember up is always the direction that we are headed in. Redemptive revelation is not only the ability to see God but it is the ability to see or have a vision that produces redemption. Not only do we see, but what we see becomes seed that forms and reproduces the truth and results of redemption in our lives. If we get the right vision, we get the right mind. So it is not enough just to hear about God; know God; or even see God. It is an ongoing, progressive, productive ability to BE what we SEE. Progressive, redemptive revelation is what makes us clarify or serve as the image of God here in the earth and become His legal representatives or delegated authority down here. If you don’t get this revelation of the complete redemptive work done on the cross, instead of being a proxy for God and the Kingdom, you’ll remain a pretender.

God wants us to have full recognition of what He did for us. In Matthew 1:21 it says that His name shall be called Jesus or Yehoshuah or Yeshua= Savior; He shall save his people from their sins. Jesus did not just come TO save, He IS salvation. Every born-again believer that has Jesus in their hearts and lives also has His salvation in them. Not just eternal life in the heavens with Him and salvation from the grave and hell- but total redemption. That is why we need a progressive, redemptive revelation of the completed work that was done on the cross. Jesus did what He did on the cross to save your soul and to save your Christian walk AND your life from being wasted. In the book of Galatians 4:4-5, when the fullness of time was God sent His son to redeem us that we might RECEIVE the adoption of sons. The adoption has been legally completed and now it’s up to you to receive it. Because we are His sons, God sent the Spirit of His son into our hearts cry and we can cry Abba, Father- we have a right to claim sonship and all that entails. We are no more slaves, but sons; and if sons, then heirs of God through Christ. We don’t have to go to probate court to get our inheritance, it was legally granted to us.

Redemptive revelation will make you know that you are no longer an orphan, fatherless or an illegitimate child, but you are a true son- not a foster child but you are legally adopted by law and by blood and given His name and all rights and privileges that come with that name. Redemption simply means that we've been released from any debt, our liberty has been bought. We can stop trying to earn freedom or deliverance or beg, borrow and steal what’s ours not for the asking but for the RECEIVING. It's like me trying to pay for a car that's been given to me and I already hold the title. Stay tuned for part II.

Flow with us...

Yours Because of Him, Pastor Barbara