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"Since I've been at The River  I've been more encouraged to study the Word due to Pastor Barb's teaching.  She makes it interesting and easy to learn where you don't get bored while listening to it.  I feel that my life has been changed." 

-Demetrius Alexander


"Before I came to The River, I was a foul mouthed,  weed-smoking, didn’t care, sad feeling, aimless wandering, party GIRL, with a huge chip on my shoulder that masked it to the world with a smile!  I only accepted the LORD's salvation and nothing more.  After years of living my life in the dark, I talked to the LORD and asked Him to make it end.  I asked Him to send me to a place that was growing, that had a Pastor that I could talk to, and that would make me feel how I heard other Christians who had true VICTORY felt.  And man did the LORD do just that!!  The first time I ever came to The River, I knew the LORD answered my prayer!!!  The members were warm and welcoming and the Word that was taught at Bible Study that night spoke right to my Heart!!  I had never experienced anything like that in my life!!  I have been a member of The River for 3 years now and I can proudly say that Glory Be to God I am not the same person anymore.  Pastor Barbara truly has a Heart after God's own Heart, with a genuine love for God's people!  She is able to preach the Word of God and break it down to where it is understandable and applicable to your life!  She is full of the LORD's wisdom and has helped to refocus my life.  The ministerial staff is awesome as well.  They have gone above and beyond to also help me reach my goals in business as well as spiritually.  I have graduated with my Bachelors Degree and am now almost done with my Masters. I am a budding Entrepreneur with a Great Vision.  Years ago, I would have never thought I would be at the place that I am now!!!!   Now I know the LORD not only as my savior, but as the LORD of my life, my Provider, a Way-Maker, a Healer, my Best Friend and the Lover of my Very Soul!!! 

If you are looking for a Word-Teaching, Faith-Based, Warm Church Family where the Spirit of the LORD dwells richly…..Come on down to The River where your  thirsting soul can be quenched and your nation can revived!!!  If the LORD did it for me, He can do it for You!!!!!"

-Alexis Bush


On December 1, 2007, I was coming home at about 3:00am. While I was coming over the bridge at 147th, the light was red, so I slowed down. As I got closer to the intersection, the light quickly turned green. In that instant, an 18-wheeler came through the intersection making a left turn, and collided with my car. The accident happened so fast, that the only thing I was able to do was cover my head & duck into the middle of the car to avoid being decapitated. If I had been wearing a seat belt that night, I would not be here writing this testimony. My car crashed into the truck leaving me trapped. I was left breathless and lifeless. It was said that I died that night. As a result of this tragic accident, my skull, left eye, and collar bone were severely damaged. 

As the proper authorities came to the scene of the accident, the police gave my belongings to the medical advisors, and assumed that I was dead. No one came to the hospital to report the accident; everyone thought I was forever gone. Everyone except God, He said that it was not my time to go. When I awoke approximately 20 days later, all I could see was my mother, brother, and people in wheelchairs. All I could think was, “Where am I? How did I get here?” I couldn’t walk, talk or go to the washroom on my own strength. I was completely shocked when I came to the realization that I had been in a tragic accident, and life as I knew it would be no more.

I was in a coma for 15 days, and was transferred to a rehab center shortly after. My first question to my brother, when I was able to gain the strength to speak, was “What is today’s date?” As he quickly answered December 20th, my first thought was “where have I been for 20 days?”  My second request was to see myself in a mirror. As he slid me toward the mirror for the first time I saw myself and I looked like a monster. I had seven staples in my face, a crushed collar bone, and a blackened and swollen eye. From that moment forward, my only thought was, “What could have possibly happened on that night to cause this damage?”

 The entire time that I was in rehab I tried to develop a story of what happened that night—December 1st. I tried so hard to remember, but I just couldn’t. All I could remember was seeing the faces of my late loved ones— my grandmother, grandfather, aunts, uncles, friends, and children. All I could ask myself was, “Why am I seeing these people? They are dead.” God quickly answered all my questions. I asked God if I was dreaming for 20 days. For 20 days, I had been in Heaven, seeing all of my loved ones that had passed before me. The babies and children were mine, the souls that were lost due to miscarriages and abortions of my past. When I saw my son Armani, the baby boy that was lost due to a miscarriage only a few years back, I knew that Heaven was the only place I could have been. I remembered asking God what Heaven was like when my cousin died years before. I wondered where I would go when it was my time to die and if anyone would come to see me off. God gave me the chance to really see...

 -Clarence Chappell Jr.

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