The House of Esther (T.H.O.E.)

The House of Esther (THOE) is The River’s Women’s Ministry. The House of Esther is River of Life's women's ministry. Its chief purpose is to empower women to be the examples and mentors that God has called to the Kingdom for such a time as this. THOE is a “spiritual spa” ministering to the total needs of women who are members of River of Life, as well as those in the community, through regular fellowship and conferences. THOE also includes a facet that ministers to tweens and teen girls. THOE encourages and empowers women to take responsibility for and control of their personal health (spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, social and vocational) through the Word of God. The ministry annually sponsors a "Pamper/Spa Day" at no cost to attendees, with our targeted audience being women who might not otherwise have opportunities or the means to access Spa services. We promote and teach positive self-image and self-help principles through life application of the Word of God.

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